Power supply for crystal growing furnace

FlexKraft™ - the ideal power supply for crystal growth furnaces

Good things come in small packages


FlexKraft is a good choice if you want to lower your costs. The compact, convenient units are serviced from the front, which saves a lot of time.

They can be placed side by side or built on top of each other, making them easy to fit into your plant’s design, thus optimising floor space. Further¬more, they are easy to install and maintain.

Each rectifier consists of up to ten modules and naturally two or more stacks can be connected to allow higher currents (24 kA) and voltages (120 V DC).


The modular design is great news


Thanks to the modular design you only pay for the power you need. Should you need more power later on – simply add more modules.


Less downtime equals lower costs


The modular design allows FlexKraft to run on reduced power if a fault occurs in one module. Since the rectifier is operated from the front and can be serviced on site by a local electrician, downtime is kept to a minimum This reduces the potentially high costs of a standstill and increases your plant’s availability.


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